Chanel Ayan Claims Caroline and Sergio Are in a ‘Contractual Marriage’, ‘RHODubai’ Fans Say ‘She’s Not Wrong’

Chanel Ayan Claims Caroline and Sergio Are in a 'Contractual Marriage', 'RHODubai' Fans Say 'She's Not Wrong'

The Housewives of Dubai have finally made their grand debut, and dare we say these ladies are not only serving class, but also sassy. The pilot episode of the eleventh “Real Housewives” franchise kicked off on a high note as there was a lot of seething tension and drama among the Housewives. As usual, former ‘Ladies of London’ star Caroline Stanbury stole the show by throwing a ‘bachelorette party’ for her close friends to celebrate her marriage to her much younger husband, Sergio Carrello.

Caroline has invited all of her “Real Housewives of Dubai” co-stars, except for Sara Al Madani and Chanel Ayan. While Sara handled the situation with grace, the same cannot be said for the Chanel model from Dubai. When Chanel learned that Caroline was inviting everyone but her, it put the supermodel in the wrong direction. So she borrowed a page from ‘RHOA’ alum Kenya Moore’s book and gave Caroline a nice sleazy shot. Chanel said Caroline and Sergio’s relationship looked “fake” and claimed it was more like a “collaborative deal” for their Instagram, based on the number of PDA posts on their Insta accounts.


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Chanel Ayan in a photo from ‘RHODubai’ (Bravo)

Although Chanel was just sleazy, fans immediately picked up on her theory and felt that there might be some truth to her speculation. One fan tweeted, “Ayan said what I thought of Caroline and Sergio. ‘It’s a collaborative relationship. #rhodubai.’ “Chanel says everything I think of Sergio and his mother Caroline #RHODubai @rhodub,” one fan wrote. “Not Ayan calling this a contractual marriage (she’s not wrong) #RHODubai,” one fan echoed.

Fans also made wild speculations about Sergio and Caroline’s marriage. One fan shared, “I wonder if White Caroline got a good payout from her ex-husband and Sergio is her sugar baby turned current husband or is Sergio just rich at 27 from who knows what???? I don’t know if she mentioned what Sergio did #RHODubai.” “Caroline S. once said she dated Sergio during his midlife crisis. This marriage is not based on love. That’s exactly what Chanel said, ‘false sexual’. #RHODubai “, pointed out a fan. “@BravoTV Ayan stirs the pot saying Sergio and Caroline’s relationship is an IG collab?!. He’s giving off bi sex vibes lol #RHODubai,” one fan observed.

“Real Housewives of Dubai” airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo, and is available to stream on Peacock.

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